Get into battle instantly with free play War slots

War, what is it good for? Well in these free casino slot machines it turns out that victory is great for prizes and massive rewards! Experience the treasure seeking thrills of ancient sea faring warriors in Viking Age, where the reels are packed with ships, shields, helmets, and axes, and an intrepid Viking princess is at your side, urging you towards the win. Those looking for a more subversive kind of combat can become a submarine commander in Silent Run, the game that lets you join the navy and match up the enemy battleship, mines, and torpedoes in a battle for the oceans. Battleground Spins puts you right in the middle of a world war, where the sounds of a war zone will play over the cartoon style images of soldiers, ammo, and bombardiers. If that’s too old school for you, then Irish players can get gritty in Elite Commandos, where deadly terrorists, choppers, tanks and weapons will spin to get your prizes. From the world-conquering empires and warriors of Sparta in the past, to the gruesome and strange alien invaders of a space war, these free casino slot machines will have you running, gunning, slashing and spinning to get the spoils of war!