Stay cool with free play Spy slots

Grab your disguise and go deep undercover as you seek to double cross your way to the enemy’s riches with our spy filled free casino slot machines! Step into the stylish shoes of the most suave and smart secret agent of them all – Double ‘o’ 7, in our homage to the greatest British double agent ever: James Band. Spin reels filled with images of the iconic gadgets, cars, and scenes from those world-famous movies, including the Aston Martin DB7, the super villain’s white pussycat, sexy babes, and a dry martini. Irish gamblers can even use their full bag of tricks in Secret Agent, where sixties style comic book artwork of a deadly hitman, secret alleyway exchange, blond babe, and smoking noir hero will bring them right into the story. There’s even a mission based spy game, where you’ll play a debonair super spy on a secret mission to find and destroy a factory creating weapons of mass destruction. Match the nuclear warheads, briefcases of secret documents, and slim spy cameras as you seek to rack up big rewards, and find the elusive items that will help you complete your mission. Whatever you choose, these free online slot machine games are free to play and can be played right in your browser – going undercover has never been so rewarding!