Find Your Treasure Chest with Online Pirate Slots

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Journey out into the wilderness of the ocean seas and play free Pirate slots here! These online Pirate slot games will shiver your timbers as you win chest after chest full of pirates gold! Scope the Irish seas for your treasure, but be sure to remember your map and lucky compass - these are treacherous waters! Win against the spooky ghost pirates in battle to find your fortunes, and mind your ship on the rocks by the caves. Ghosts lurk out of sight so be sure to keep an eye out and protect your winnings! See and play your favourite pirate symbols. Swords, cannons, Jolly Roger flags, barrels, rum, ships, skulls and crossbones, compasses and telescopes, with many more to boot! Find your treasure in Pirate’s Booty, or if you fancy something a little scarier, take on the legendary Ghost Pirates. If you’re after something a bit different, give Space Pirates a go! All your favourite pirate symbols, but in space instead of the ocean! What’s not to love?! Be the captain of your ship and lead your crew safely to victory, pockets full of pirate gold as you play to the sea-side sounds of crying gulls and creaking ships.