Swing over to these Monkey slots games

They’re the most similar animals to us on the planet, they’ve inspired myths, games, and even movies – now they’re here with a set of free Monkey slots that’ll have you monkeying around for hours in search of prizes and bonuses. Come meet the Funky Monkey in his old school virtual Monkey slot machine with icons of tribal huts, conga drums, and palm trees – all watched over by the purple suited, glasses wearing, king of funk himself! If that’s not hip enough for you, then Funky Monkeys II has a full band of psychedelic musical monkeys to match up! If you like your gambling games with a sense of adventure, then Indiana Banana, the monkey explorer, has a game for you! Line up Aztec idols, venomous cobras, banana bunches, and Indiana himself to win big. With multiple paylines, no downloads required, and no sign up, Irish players can dive straight in to this primate paradise! Mad Mad Monkey even has background animations of butterflies and the crazy marmoset himself, who’ll pop up and flash his toothy grin as you spin away to the sound of the jungle. Put on your monkey suit, because this is one load of monkey business you’ll want to be a part of!