Get the gold in Middle East slots games

Enter the wealthy and mysterious Middle East, home to the famous tales of the Arabian nights, most of the planet’s oil, the world’s biggest religions, and beautiful, expansive deserts by playing our free Middle East slots! Travel back through history to the time of the great rulers of Egypt in Eye of the Pharaoh, where pyramids, ankhs and sphynx cats are going to spin on the reels. Line them up and you could grab an ancient fortune! Or live the life of an old merchant as you ride camels through the old trade routes to bring spices and rubies across the great Sahara desert in Silk Caravan to collect your rewards; immerse yourself in the world of genies and magic while making your three wishes come true in Magic Lamp. We’ve got bonus filled and gold packed game machines set across the Middle East, from the mountains of Turkey to the deserts of ancient Persia! For the very bravest of players in Ireland, there’s The Snake Charmer gambling game, where to get your riches you must hypnotise a venomous snake like the real masters of India. Grow as rich as an Arabic sultan by playing one of our incredible Middle East virtual slot machine!