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Become the Don in online Mafia slots

Enter the world of the Godfather and his Goodfellas in these mafia themed fruit machines that will have you living a lucrative life of crime! Enter the world of the Cosa Nostra gambling game and match up reels that show gun toting gangsters, gang war drive-bys, prohibition era motorcars, classic 30s penguin shoes, crooked cops, and dangerous dames. Or let the Slotfather invite you into his mafia family as you match up the tommy guns, cigars, and bowls of spaghetti to see animations and hear sound clips from the boss himself. If you really want to get your hands dirty, then Reel Crime will take players in Ireland through the ranks of a syndicate as they raid millions from a bank. Filled with multiple step scenes to play through, you’ll feel like a real mobster as you match up liquor and cash to advance through the plan! Take a walk down to the waterfront and keep the unions in line with Dark Harbour, a game filled with hard drinks and harder weapons! These free slot games need no sign up, no real money, and no downloads – joining the mafia has never been so easy! Put on your pin stripe suit, load your weapons, and start shaking down these reels for some dirty money!