Quest through these Jungle slots games

Face up to fearsome tigers and cut a path through thick foliage towards incredible prizes on a quest through some of the densest, most wild locations in our Jungle fruit machines! Swing like Tarzan through our wild Amazon game, with vivid, colourful images of black panthers, leopards, geckos, parrots, poisonous frogs, and chatty parrots making up the reels. Or delve into the madness of our Mad Mad Monkey game, where peanuts, bananas, and coconuts are there to be lined up in the name of fantastic rewards! We’ve got the biggest gorilla of them all in King Kong: The Eighth Wonder Of The World, where you’ll team up with Jack Black and Adrian Brody in the name of saving the day and winning big. Players in Ireland can even become Queen of the Amazon with our free slots games featuring deadly predators like lions and tigers, and all the vibrant colours and exotic sounds of the most famous rainforests. These games require no deposit, no sign up, and best of all, they’re free to play! With free spins, bonus games, and loads of auto play features, there’s no excuse not to go deep into jungle and see what prizes you’ll come out with!