Go East with free Japanese slots games

It’s the land that gave us the white faced geisha; the silent, honourable samurai warrior; the most iconic video game characters of all time; one of the most famous martial arts in karate; and the delicious and healthy dishes of sushi! Now you can take your own trip to Japan, the land of the rising sun, and see what treats you’ll come back with on our fantastic fruit machines! Play amongst the cherry blossom trees – also known as Sakura – and make your way through the world of sumo wrestlers and ninja assassins as you seek big jackpots and massive prizes in these free slot games! Players in Ireland can enjoy our Sushi Box game, where the symbols on the reels are made up of detailed images that look like iconic dishes such as salmon nigiri with wasabi; all depicted in a richly coloured, hand drawn style. There’s even a 3D rendered animation of a sushi chef in the corner so the food will keep on coming! Wield your samurai sword with skill in Katana, or enjoy the colourful anime style characters that fill the reels on Japan-O-Rama – there’s something for everyone to enjoy in our machines designed around this incredible place from the far east!