Creepy crawlies await in Insect free slots games

In the grass, in the air, on the water, and under the ground there are all kinds of bugs buzzing and flying, marching and crawling, working and waiting. You can’t escape them, so why don’t you make them work and collect riches for you by playing our Insect free slot games! Prizes await those who don’t get stung when stealing the sweet honey pot in the Wild Bee game, defend their food from ants in Picnic Panic, and escape the annoying mosquito in the Munchers game. Charm the friendly lady bee to bring you a fortune’s worth of nectar in the exciting Best of Luck game, drink a cricket and a fly under the table in Pub Crawlers, or watch the caterpillar transform into a butterfly in Butterflies within a single free spin! You can even travel to the Nile to catch the elusive and majestic royal scarab beetle; famous bug of the Pharaohs, in Riches of Ra. If you’re lucky, he’ll show you the way to mysterious treasures hidden deep within the pyramids. If you’re in Ireland, happy times await in these no downloads and no sign up required Insect free slot games – you’ll be snug as a bug and happy as a bumblebee!