Get spooks and prizes in our Horror slots online

Get spooked with free Horror slots games

Feel the Halloween spirit the whole year around or battle the forces of darkness by playing our free Horror slot games that will give you all the chills of a scary movie and all the thrills of winning big at the same time! It’s horror night every night! Become a great vampire hunter like Van Helsing in our Vampires Feast game set in the famous Transylvania castle, and try to save the girl fighting the immortal Dracula with garlic and a cross. Meet the prince of darkness himself and try to break the curse of the number 666 in our Devil free slot machines, or snap up the gold guarded by Frankenstein and mummies in Monster Carlo! All these games have the colours, sounds, and atmosphere familiar to all true fans of classic horror stories, so you will really feel like you’re in the graveyard with the full moon shining bright! Who will you have to fight to get your rewards? A scary witch, eerie ghosts, the hollow man, or green goblins? Whoever it is, don’t let them scare you away from the prizes! If you’re in Ireland, check how easily spooked you are on a dark night by playing on our Horror free slots.