Go back in time with free History slots games

A wise woman once said: ‘If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday’. From the philosophies of the Ancient Greeks, to the anthropological insights of our ancestors B.C., there’s plenty to learn from history, and with these fantastic free slot games, set across some of the most wondrous periods of humanity, there are also plenty of prizes to be had as well! Take a trip into the classical Roman impire and become a gladiator fighting for freedom, or mosey along to our Wild West games in search of tense gun battles and a gold rush of amazing rewards! Whether you’re more of an old-fashioned, benevolent tsar, or one of the brutal, all conquering Vikings, there’s a game for you in this awesome collection of free slots! None of which require downloads, real money, or even registration to play! Grab a victory against the gods themselves in Coins of Olympus, featuring many recognisable figures from the Greek myths, or play at being a debonair aristocrat explorer as you spin your way through the Aztec jungles in search of valuable artefacts from ancient civilisations. Players in Ireland are spoilt for choice when it comes to these blasts from the past!