Play Board Game Style Free Slots for Fun

There’s nothing better in the classical gaming world than the old school faves, or is there? For classic board game lovers who want a little something special when playing free slots, then look no further than our board game collection. In the style of classic games, but themed just like your favourite and most love traditional board games, all available to play in Ireland. When you launch this collection, you’re spoilt for choice with all the classics. Choose from Monopoly themed games, chess style games, including inspirations from checkers and backgammon, even a version of video scrabble has been used for this collection. As you play, you’ll find board game, where you spin to match up the symbols, but instead of classic cherries and dollar signs, you’ll spy characters and symbols from the board games you love the most. With Monopoly’s classic top hat man, to the top hat itself, scotty dog, battleship, chance card and utility card to chess pieces, including the Bishop, Queen and Knight as well as Kings, Queens, Jacks and Aces from playing cards, dice and casino style classic lucky number sevens and bar signs. With this collection, you’ll have all the fun of traditional board games but playable for free, online and in the form of deposit, download and registration free board game slots.