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Free Animal Slots - No Download Required

You can travel the world from Ireland to Asia and Africa seeing lots of different wild animals along the way when playing our free slots online. From the domestic cat, dog, goldfish and horse to the more wild and exotic animals such as lions, tigers, wild wolf and coyote. Some of our games will take you underwater to experience dolphins, clown fish and other under water creatures. Sound effects transport you around the world in these games from waves crashing to Indian Snake Charmer music. Beautiful backgrounds make the atmosphere authentic and the characters in many of these games really bring them to life. You can also go back in time to ancient Egypt, go ‘techno’ in Japan or go intergalactic with adventures in Space if you prefer a little more gaming variety and cosmic animals. You will see and hear things that you may never get to see in real life all from the comfort of your own home. As you can see there is plenty of variety in games to suit any animal lover. Many of these games come with bonus spins and bonus rounds awarded to you as you play. You can experience all of this and more online, with no download and no registration.