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Free 5 Reel Slots with No Download Required

Imagine cruising down the Nile, heading over to Paris, maybe visiting the Serengeti or travelling to Ireland. You really can travel the world with our five reel slots. Let your imagination run wild and you will find yourself encountering fire breathing dragons, travelling back in time to 2 Million BC or maybe playing football in the World Cup. What amazing sights and sounds you experience on your journey from a day at the races to sunning yourself on the beach or visiting a beautiful aquarium. The backgrounds make you feel as though you are actually there and if you listen to the realistic sounds in the games your imagination will really get fired up. So whether you are matching beach beauties, muscular hunks, top football players or gingerbread houses you won’t find many traditional symbols on these 5 reels. This is game playing with a modern twist for all the family to play. With even more paylines than traditional 3 reel gmes, our modern 5 reel slots give you even more bonuses to win. Yes! Our games do not simply have one straight payline you can win multiple times with each spin making your chances of winning even greater. Experience the wonderful world of modern slot games now.